We are an education and training institution that seeks to improve future by honing student’s skills in the different art subjects. We are a perfect place to be for any student who needs guidance and quality training for full potential realization in the arts field. As with many schools in the world, we are not a profit oriented organization. Our school operations are partly funded by tuition fees and a couple of help from stake-holders and well-wishers. Every year, we organize an exhibition event to give students a chance to showcase their works at the institution.

We offer a wide range of courses in the school of fine arts after which a student graduates with a diploma in the respective field. Additionally, we also offer training for part time students where their course runs for 2yrs as different with full time students who spend 3yrs. The subjects and content offered are the same in both courses with the only difference being that part time students attend fewer classes per week compared to their full-time counterparts.

This warrants a longer period of study by the part time students. The office at the school of arts is also open seven days a week where business is conducted between 9 am and 5 pm during weekdays. On Saturday our offices open between 9am and 4.30 pm while on Sunday we open between 10am and 3pm.

The office is also open for those who want to donate something as well as other members of the public who may be interested in viewing the works of art displayed in the arts gallery within the college. People who may require assistance or additional information about the operations of the school of fine arts can contact its office during business hours mentioned above.