How is the School of Art Funded?

How The School Of Arts Is Funded The institution is not for profit and

Who is Legible to Enroll at the school of art?

Enrolling In the School Of Arts The criteria for selecting students for enrollment at

Other services offered by the school of fine art

Effective Administration And Communication In the School Of Arts Apart from training students to

The Significance of courses offered by the Art College

Why Studying Art Is Important Art courses such as drawings, painting as well sculpture

Art as a profession

Career Opportunities In The Arts Industry The arts industry is comprised of various professionals

The Significance of Exhibition at the School of Arts

Why We Organize Art Exhibitions Every Year The school of Fine Arts boasts of

Art as an Indispensable Component of Culture

The Role Of Art Training In The Society The school of art has every

Courses Offered by the School of Art

Unique and Intensive Course features The College of Fine Arts offers different subjects that