Other services offered by the school of fine art

Effective Administration And Communication In the School Of Arts

Apart from training students to become artists, the college also runs a newsletter which is very informative. It targets various audiences that are interested in art and they are also given the opportunity to give their contributions that can be published for free in the newsletter. The other important aspect about this publication is that it carries stories about upcoming events that marsa50-large_600_459y be of interest to different stakeholders.

  • College Newsletter Importance

The college newsletter also acts as a voice of the artists since they are given the opportunity to air their views as well as exchange their ideas with their counterparts in the arts industry. The institution also periodically holds creative workshops that are meant to enlighten people from different backgrounds about various aspects of art. Essentially, the aim of these workshops is to educate ordinary people why art is important in their lives and how it can be used to improve their way of life. Some people often view art as a playful activity that is meant for fun but there is more to it. Many individuals only come to realize the significance of art after they have been involved in active participation in activities related to the field.

  • Helping Guide Students Through The Newsletter

The institution of art also engages in charity activities where it seeks to gain relevance in the society in which it operates through the use of to unify people. Art is a strong vehicle of communication that can be used to promote important activities in life such as raising awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean environment. This noble cause for example can be used by the college as the platform upon which it can solicit for donations from well-wishers. The idea behind engaging the members of the community at large is to appeal to their interests so that they can also treat art as an important component of their lives.