Art as an Indispensable Component of Culture

The Role Of Art Training In The Society

The school of art has every reason to offer the course since it forms part of an integral part of a group of people’s culture. Through drawings, painting or sculpture, the artists would be trying to depict the way of life of a group of people. This constitutes the group’s culture and it varies from place to place. This culture needs to be preserved and this can be achieved through the use of differ12666_451029ent forms of art.

  • Appreciates History An Natures Beauty

Paintings for instance reflect historical artifacts related to the life of a particular group of people. Different groups of people have evolved through conflicts with others and this historical component is reflected in artifacts that bear some of the weapons that were used for protecting the territorial integrity of that society. Weapons and other artifacts in their traditional form can be painted as a way of preserving history of an identified group.

  • A Reflection Of Society

The other important aspect about art is that it is symbolic since it represents things that are commonly shared by a group of people. For instance, paintings which depict wild animals are symbolic since they represent the totems of people in certain cultures. This is very important in that the shared symbols depicted in the drawing represent the collective interests of all members who belong to that group.

  • Identity Creation Form

Above all, art fosters identity creation among an identified group of people. Each group of people differs from the other groups in various ways and this is reinforced through creation of different artifacts. These help to identify people and the members of a group can also be in a position to trace their roots. Therefore, teaching art at the school of fine art is a noble cause since it also helps to promote cohesion among people belonging to a particular group or society.