Courses Offered by the School of Art

Unique and Intensive Course features

The College of Fine Arts offers different subjects that are meant to equip the students with requisite knowledge in their career. Pre Foundation level is the preliminary stage that is concerned with inculcating creative skills among students who may want to use them in the creative world. All students enrolling for the Diploma in Art course are entitled to go through this stage which is designed to enlighten them about different aspects about the arts industry.background-courses

  • Subjects Covered In The Course

After the preliminary stage mentioned above, the students are then entitled to cover the following subjects during their two year diploma program. These include Art History, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Animation, Printing, Sign writing, Digital Technology as well as Craft. These subjects cover theoretical aspects about art which include the history of art. Each subject outlines different historical components of art and it also explores the current state of art. Other theoretical aspects such as the significance of art to human kind are also taught such that the students grasp why this profession is important in their lives. Digital technology looks at how technology has impacted on the art industry.

  • Practical Lessons

Apart from theoretical knowledge being imparted to the students, the curriculum is also designed in such a way that it covers practical elements of the arts industry. Practical classes involved observed lessons such as drawing or painting. The tutor makes rounds observing students designing different things and where necessary, the teacher discusses with the students their views and perceptions about their pieces of art.

  • Studio Practice

Studio practice also constitutes practical learning to the students of art. This gives them exposure to various elements that characterize the creative world. This also helps the students to experience reality in the art industry rather than relying on theoretical knowledge only. The students are also taught practical skills that can help them to perform various tasks in the film animation industry.